Business Unit

JBS Brazil

The JBS Brazil unit comprises the beef production in Brazil, in addition to leather and related business. The company has 37 production units spread throughout Brazil´s main cattle breeding regions, guaranteeing broad access to raw material.

As an important part of its strategy to add value to the production chain, JBS also operates in the leather segment and currently has 15 production units, with the capacity to process 47 thousand hides per day in Brazil. Learn more about JBS Leather Business clicking here.

In addition to the cattle processing and processed hides, JBS, through “JBS related business”, operates in the production of products whose raw material comes from the slaughter by-products, such as biodiesel, collagen, and hygiene and cleaning. Click here to learn more about JBS related business.

  • 33 Beef processing facilities
  • 08 Feedlots
  • 14 Distribution centers
  • 15 Leather/hides facilities
  • 08 FPP facilities
  • 30 Poultry processing facilities
  • 08 Hog processing facilities
  • 18 Distribution centers
  • 25 FPP facilities


Seara is the country´s second largest producer and exporter of chicken and pork and has vast experience in the production of products with higher value-added.

With a team of around 75 thousand team members, its production supplies both the Brazilian and foreign markets, with emphasis on Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in retail and food service, in addition to B2B, cash carry and e-commerce, with more than 100 million consumers and 150 thousand business customers.

Offices in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa using Seara as a global brand, present in more than 130 countries.

JBS Beef North America

JBS Beef North America has beef processing operations in North America (USA and Canada) and plant-based businesses in Europe. The Company also sells value-added and branded meat products.

USA and Canada
  • 10 Beef processing facilities
  • 07 Carrier units
  • 08 FPP facilities
  • 01 Leather/ hides facilities
  • 03 plant-based unit in Holland

JBS Australia

JBS Australia corresponds to operational activities in Australia and New Zealand, relating to the processing of fresh, frozen beef, pork, lamb and fish and value-added products.

It is a leading company in Australia in the processing of meat and prepared foods, with technologically advanced confinements and production units, in addition to being one of the largest Australian producers of charcuterie. In addition, it operates one of the largest cutting and packaging facilities for high-quality retail meats. JBS Australia exports to several countries and holds a significant share of the national beef, lamb and pork market.

Australia and New Zealand
  • 08 Beef processing facilities
  • 03 Lamb facilities
  • 03 Hog processing facilities (Primo)
  • 06 Feedlots
  • 08 Distribution Center
  • 01 Leather/hides facilities
  • 10 FPP facilities


The world’s second largest pork producer, JBS USA Pork provides high-quality fresh, prepackaged, and ready to cook products, from bacon and ham to deli meats and pork cuts.

The Company has approximately 11 thousand team members. Plumrose, respected for its high-quality prepared products, was acquired by JBS in 2017.

  • 05 Hog processing facilities
  • 03 Genetic unities
  • 02 Distribution centers
  • 09 FPP facilities


A publicly traded Company listed on the NASDAQ, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation produces and sells fresh meats and high-added-value prepared and pre-packaged food products.

It is a global leader in chicken production and processing, and the world’s largest producer of organic chicken, through its subsidiary Moy Park. The Company makes one out of every five chickens eaten in the United States, one out of every four in Mexico and one out of every three in the United Kingdom.

Pilgrim’s is also the owner of Tulip Limited, a leading pork and prepared foods company in the U.K. Pilgrim’s approximately 60 thousand team members work from locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Europe.

USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europa
  • 36 Poultry processing facilities
  • 01 Lamb facility
  • 02 Hog processing facilities (Tulip)
  • 25 Distribution centers
  • 30 FPP facilities