Footprint and Operations

With locations in differents countries across a global production and distribution platform, JBS has over 600 operations on five continents – the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania – serving over 300,000 customers in approximately 190 countries worldwide, while meeting consumer needs, aligned with local cultures and with operational flexibility in each market.


The acquisition of all units was guided by the strategy to operate in regions with the highest livestock concentration focusing in the flexibility of operational production, reducing the transportation costs of livestock and finished products and reduced plant phytosanitary risks.
The strategic location of JBS’ plants is one of the factors that put the company in the market lead, with a low cost production structure and operational efficiency.

JBS is positioned as the largest animal protein company in the world and the second largest food company, representing:

#1 Global beef producer (market leader in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the USA).

Global leader in leather processing.

#1 Global poultry producer (market leader in Brazil, Europe, Mexico and the USA).

#2 Global pork producer (market leader in Australia, Brazil, Europe and the USA).

Significant production and exports of lamb.

Leading prepared foods producer (Australia, New Zealand, the U.K, #2 in Brazil, #3 in Middle East U.S Fast-growing position).

#2 Salmon producer in Australia.