Competitive Advantages

Geographic Distribution

JBS has processing platforms located in the main animal protein producing countries, which provides the Company with geographic diversification, operational flexibility and mitigation of the risks associated with possible sanitary restrictions or trade barriers.

To serve its broad range of clients, JBS has an extensive national and international sales and distribution network, as well as Distribution Centers and Sales Offices in the major consumer regions throughout the world.

The Company’s exports cover a diverse geographic range and reach approximately 190 countries, which allow JBS to reduce its exposure to individual markets, while having access to all consumer markets.

Market Leadership and Scale

JBS is the largest animal protein company and the second largest food company in the world. Due to its size, it access the major world markets, with economies of scale, production optimization, reduction of fixed costs and a privileged position to negotiate purchase and sale prices with its suppliers and customers.

JBS has a team of experienced managers with expertise in the market, focused on growing sales, optimizing resources and increasing operational efficiency. JBS is highly professionalized and each business unit has its own management.

The strategy for selecting competent executives takes into consideration experience in the sector and alignment with the company’s values, such as an ownership attitude and a focus on results.

Experienced and Industry-Specialized Management