Corporate Profile

With six decades of history, JBS is currently the largest protein producer in the world and the second largest food company in the world¹. The company operates in the processing of beef, pork, lamb and chicken, and also operates in the production of convenience foods and value added. In addition, it sells leather, hygiene and cleaning products, collagen, metal packaging, biodiesel, among others.

Nowadays, JBS has more than 400 units in the world, 230 of which are directly related to the production of meat and value added and convenience products. With over 240,000 team members, the company has the capacity to process more than 75 thousand heads of cattle per day, around 14 million birds per day, more than 115 thousand hogs per day and 60 thousand hides per day.

In addition, JBS has a widely diversified product portfolio, with recognized brands in Brazil and abroad such as Swift, Friboi, Seara, Maturatta, Plumrose, Pilgrim’s Pride, Just Bare, Gold’nPlump, Golden Kist Farms, Pierce, 1855, Primo and Beehive. This variety of products and the presence in 15 countries on five continents (between production platforms and offices), serving over 275,000 customers in more than 190 countries worldwide.

The leadership of JBS can be seen in various moments of its life:

  • It was the first to consolidate the beef industry in Brazil;
  • The strategic vision with focus on expansion started the internationalization of the Company in 2005, with the acquisition of Swift Armour, in Argentina;
  • With IPO in 2007, JBS strengthened its pioneering work, becoming the first company in the beef industry to trade its shares in the stock market. Besides that, in 2007, JBS established itself as the world’s largest company in the beef industry through the acquisition of Swift & Company in the United States and Australia. With the new acquisition, JBS entered the pork market, with an impressive performance in this segment ending the year as the third largest producer and processor of pork in the U.S. The acquisition increased the Company’s portfolio to include the rights to the Swift brand in the world;
  • In 2009, JBS consolidated its protein production platform in the world and diversified its activities. With the purchase of Pilgrim’s Pride, JBS entered the chicken industry and, with the incorporation of Bertin Ltda., a Brazilian company, joined the industry of dairy products, pet feed and biodiesel;
  • In 2011, JBS entered the chicken and value-added products segment in Brazil by leasing the chicken units from Doux Frangosul;
  • In 2013, through the acquisition of Seara, the Company expanded its capacity for processing poultry and value-added products in Brazil as well as the capacity to produce pork and value-added products derived from it;
  • Between 2013 and 2020, through several acquisitions of companies complementary to its businesses and in regions where it was already present, JBS further expanded and diversified its production platform and its product portfolio, focusing mainly on increasing the exposure to higher value-added products;
  • Among the acquisitions of this period, we highlight:
    • Gold’nPlump, a business focused on antibiotic-free and organic chicken and owner of the Just Bare brand, which has stood out in online retailing in the United States;
    • Plumrose, a company specialized in the production of higher value-added products based on pork, including bacon, hams, sliced ​​meats and cooked ribs, also in the United States;
    • Tulip Company, which was acquired by Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, a JBS subsidiary. Tulip is a leader in the production of pork and prepared foods and its operations are located in the United Kingdom;
    • Marba, one of the most traditional brands in the cold cuts and sausages segment and a reference in the mortadella segment in the state of São Paulo, acquired by Seara;
    • And more recently, JBS USA acquired the operations of Empire Packing, including the Ledbetter brand, which operates in American retail.

Note 1. Source: Bloomberg

Last updated on June 26, 2020.